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A wide range of aircraft interior components 

At Nauth Innovation we design and manufacture a wide range of aircraft interior components; from simple brackets to more complex parts and fixtures. Our expertise in design and fabrication allows us to solve many problems and issues that plague the airline industry.

For 10 years Nauth Innovation has been designing and manufacturing components for aircraft cabins. Aircraft such as 777, A320, Embraer, etc galley equipment, wash-room fixtures and parts among a host of other parts; also we are involved with the rebuilding of several A4 aircraft for military applications.  We have developed a niche market to enhance current cabin engineering teams and help them solve many logistic and design challenges.

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Work Platforms

We design and build custom work platforms for various aircraft and work situations. They can be constructed of Aluminium, Stainless Steel or regular steel.

  Liquid Waste

We developed this Liquid Waste disposal unit to fit directly onto the waste bin in the rolling carts.

GWDU Tester

This machine was built to test GWDUs and vacuum system toilets

  Seat Blocker

Designed during COVID this Seat Blocker was used for social distancing

Custom Miniature Seats

Designed for trade shows and demonstration purposes


From design & conception, to the showroom, we create and manage components with an integral collaborative style.

Custom Brackets

Designed for use in cabin interiors, we build many configurations of medical and other brackets.

Whatever your Aerospace needs, we have the solution.

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We are proud to once again support Dreams Take Flight; as we have for many years in the past